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IMCD to acquire the specialty chemicals business of Bossco Industries Inc and expand its presence in the United States

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands (19th May, 2017) – IMCD N.V. (“IMCD” or “Company”), a leading distributor of speciality chemicals and food ingredients, announces  that it has signed an agreement to acquire the specialty chemicals distribution business of Bossco Industries Inc.

Bossco Industries was established in 1989 and is a distributor of specialty chemicals, supplying products and technical solutions to all major industrial market segments in the southwestern region of the United States. Located in Houston, Texas, Bossco Industries generated a revenue of 11 million USD in 2016.

After completion of the transaction, expected at the beginning of July 2017, the business will be integrated within IMCD US with Edward Boss becoming a senior member of the IMCD management team.

Edward Boss, President of Bossco Industries sees an excellent fit with IMCD adding that, “IMCD shares our vision of offering technical solutions to our customers and a transparent, growth focused partnership with our principal partners.”

John Mastrantoni, President of IMCD US adds, “The acquisition of Bossco Industries will further strengthen IMCD US and our ability to offer national coverage to our principal partners.”

October 12, 2016

Dorf Ketal: ACtify™ Breakthrough Performance in Styrene Inhibitor and Retarder Chemistry

Who Said There is No Innovation for Styrene! It’s been almost 20 Years since a true innovation in anti-polymerization in Styrene production.  Now there is ACtify™. 

They are all born from the discovery of a remarkable chemical activator that dramatically improves the performance of our styrene polymerization inhibitors and retarders.   When added to conventional di-Nitro retarders, this activator reduces by half the dosage required to achieve an equivalent level of protection. ACtify technology significantly increases reaction rate and adds a unique, retarder-like decay characteristic.  In commercial applications, our activated inhibitors have demonstrated reductions in polymer formation ranging from 40-65% in styrene distillation trains previously being treated by ‘industry leading’ inhibitors. The patent pending ACtify family of Inhibitors and Retarders are a true, novel innovation and a demonstration of what ingenuity and a devotion to solving customer problems can produce. Let Bossco Industries and Dorf Ketal show you the results and how they can help the profitability of your Styrene operations.

The ACtify™ family of products are:
  • ACtify TM 2673   Activated True Inhibitor
  • ACtify TM 2666   High Concentration, winterized Activated Inhibitor
  • ACtify TM 2680   Activated Green Retarder
  • ACtify TM 2676   Activated DNBP Retarder
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August 11, 2016

AXEL Plastics: Solutions for Thermoplastic and Polyurethanes

XTEND-19RSS External Mold Release - Solutions for Polyurethane
XTEND-19RSS is designed as a long lasting release for parts that get painted or bonded without having to clean. XTEND-19RSS is an air-drying reactive resin solution that cures to a cross-linked semi-permanent coating, which provides multiple release without transfer. Excellent for any molding application that does not require a high gloss, Class “A” type finish and features a very high slip coating.

    Can be directly painted or bonded

    Fast curing

    No sealer required

    Highly durable coating

    Multiple releases before re-application

pdf XTEND-19RSS Technical Data Sheet
pdf AXEL Solutions for Polyurethanes Product Brochure

MOLD WIZ INT-33LCA Internal Mold Release & Process Aid Additive - Solutions for Thermoplastics
MOLD WIZ INT-33LCA is a process aid/mold release with anti-static properties which is incorporated directly into the resin and eliminates the need for an external mold release agent. An effective addition of MOLD WIZ INT-33LCA will not have any adverse effect on physical properties or secondary operations such as decorating, printing, bonding, labeling, in mold graphics, or plating.

Usage for the MOLD WIZ INT-33LCA includes processing all Polyethylene, Polypropylene including TPO, TPE, TPV, TPU, ABS & PS. Also for other resins where improved lubricity of the molded part, or reduced coefficient of friction is required. Each component in this formulation has been certified by our raw material suppliers as having direct USFDA approval for food contact. If the resin is clear, consider using INT-34DLK which works well in K resin, SMA and CPS. MOLD WIZ INT-33LCA features include:

    Improves resin flow/fill

    Improves dispersion of other resin additives (reinforcements, fillers, and pigments)

    Shortens cycle times

    Reduces temperatures and pressures of molding machines

    Reduces or eliminates weld/knit lines, and provides release

    Will not interfere with bonding, painting, printing or plating

    Available in powder or pellet form (100% active)

pdf Mold Wiz INT-33LCA Technical Data Sheet
pdf AXEL Solutions for Thermoplastics Product Brochure

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July 24, 2016

Reedy Chemical Foam: SAFOAM PE-60 Nucleating and Foaming Agent

Safoam® products from Reedy Chemical Foam & Specialty Additives are non-toxic and food-safe. With no Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) or Global Warming Potential (GWP) Safoam® helps you meet current and future global emission requirements and can replace CFC and HCFC in the production of foam products. SAFOAM® Chemical Foaming Agents are used in thermoplasic processes to reduce weight and machine energy. As Nucleators in low density processes, SAFOAM® improves cell structure, cell size and bubble stablity while reducing overall cost.

SAFOAM PE-60 is a pellet concentrate of an endothermic (heat absorbing) chemical nucleating and foaming agent for the creation of a foam structure in thermoplastics. It is commonly used in injection molding to reduce machine energy, remove sink marks, limit warp, improve cycle time and for weight reduction. In extrusion operations it is used for the creation of cells to reduce density and improve throughput in medium density extrudate. Recommended for PE, PP and PVC.

pdf Safoam PE-60 Technical Data Sheet

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May 22, 2016

Emery Oleochemicals: Green Polymer Additives

LOXIOL® P 1141, glycerine dioleate (GDO) is well known as an internal lubricant for both PVC-U and PVC-P applications. Loxiol® P 1141 exhibits low volatility and high compatibility with PVC, is suitable for use in transparent articles, and is commonly incorporated into calendered or extruded formulas.

EDENOL® 9789 is a viscous, high molecular weight polymeric plasticizer that offers excellent permanence in technical applications.  This product is well suited for high-temperature cable and wire compounds, roofing applications, and films for transportation and advertising purposes.

EDENOL® 1208 is a phthalate-free polymeric plasticizer suitable for use in applications with FDA requirements. EDENOL® 1208 exhibits extremely low viscosity (650-750 mPas/20°C) and is suitable for use in PVC and synthetic rubber compounding and processing, cables, tubes, foils, profiles, films, coil-coating, and cast films.  This product can also be used in plastisol formulations and performs well in rotomolding processes.

pdf Loxiol P 1141 Technical Data Sheet
pdf Edenol 9789 Technical Data Sheet
pdf Edenol 1208 Technical Data Sheet

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April 27, 2016

Polymer Additives Group: Flame Retardants & Smoke Suppressants

BroFlam™ EB-67 is a specialized additive flame retardant combining aromatic bromine with an imide structure. Its excellent thermal and UV stability and make it a suitable choice for a wide variety of thermoplastics - Polyolefins, HIPS, EVA, ABS, PBT, PET, TPO, TPE, Nylon, etc. Used to replace decabromodiphenyl oxide on an equivalent wt% in most thermoplastic applications even though it has significantly lower bromine content (67% vs 83%)

    Excellent thermal stability

    UV stable

    Non-migratory, (non-blooming)

    Thin film applications - heat sealability

    Wet electrical performance – wire and cable

BroFlam™ 45-Z is a high performance, brominated flame retardant plasticizer for PVC applications such as wire & cable, coated fabrics, wall coverings, carpet backing, film and sheeting, plastisols, etc. Its excellent flame retardant efficiency and good plasticizing properties make it a suitable choice for a variety of applications. Commonly used in wire & cable jacketing formulations that require meeting UL 910 standards.

is a very effective smoke suppressant and flame retardant synergist used in PVC and non-halogen polyolefin applications for transportation, wire & cable, and construction markets where stringent smoke and flammability standards such as UL 910 and ASTM E-84 must be met. Typical uses include jacketing and insulation for plenum and riser cables; wall coverings and upholstery for high risk buildings; and extrusions for subway and aircraft interiors.

pdf BroFlam 45-Z Technical Data Sheet
BroFlam EB-67 Technical Data Sheet
pdf Charmax LS-MOM Product Data Sheet

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February 28, 2016

Emery Oleochemicals: LOXIOL® 3380 & LOXIOL® 3360 Antistatic Agents

LOXIOL® 3366 and LOXIOL® 3380 are highly effective liquid antistatic agents manufactured from renewable raw materials.  These products are compatible with a large number of standard and technical thermoplastics, and can also be used in synthetic rubber. Antistatic agents work by interacting with atmospheric moisture, reducing surface resistance, and increasing surface conductivity.  The required dosage of LOXIOL® 3360 or LOXIOL® 3380 depends on the specific polymer and final application; typical loading range is 0.5-4.0 %

LOXIOL® 3366 is highly effective for several types of resins such as PVC-P, PP, S/B, PET, PBT and synthetic rubber. LOXIOL® 3366 can be used in transparent applications (highly compatible) without negative influence on heat stability.  This product does have FDA approval for various applications – please check with your sales representative for more information.

LOXIOL® 3380 is highly effective for multiple resins like PVC-P, NBR, H-NBR, NR, SBR, EPDM, PP, S/B, SAN, ABS, PA, POM, PMMA, PU, EVA and PUR. Loxiol® 3380 is a very efficient antistatic agent, but is not suggested for use in transparent applications.

Separate milled sheets of a PVC-P formulation were tested for surface resistivity and volume resistivity at 12% relative humidity; one sheet did not contain an antistatic agent, one contained LOXIOL® 3366 at 4.0 phr, and one sheet contained LOXIOL® 3380 at 4.0 phr.

    Resistivity (Ohm)
    Resistivity (Ohm x cm)
    No antistatic agent 1.4 x 1014 6.3 x 1012
    LOXIOL® 3366 at 4.0 phr 1.3 x 1013 9.6 x 1010
    LOXIOL® 3380 at 4.0 phr 2.5 x 1010 4.4 x 109

pdf LOXIOL® 3366 Product Data Sheet
pdf LOXIOL® 3380 Product Data Sheet

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December 2, 2015

Reedy: SAFOAM RAZ-70 and SAFOAM PN-40E

SAFOAM® RAZ-70 is a new endothermic/exothermic blend chemical foaming agent pellet designed to create a foam structure in sheet, pipe, profile and injection molded parts made of all typical thermoplastics as well as WPC. Safoam RAZ-70 is one of Reedy’s most efficient and cost effective chemical foaming agents.

    Reduces resin cost and increases throughput

    Eliminates sink marks and reduces part warpage

    Provides great economics with high efficiency

    Provides significant weight/resin reduction

    FDA approved - safe for food contact

pdf Safoam RAZ-70 Product Data Sheet

SAFOAM® PN-40E is a next generation medium temperature masterbatch of an endothermic chemical nucleating agent for the creation of a fine foam structure in Polyolefin thermoplastics. Safoam PN-40E improves the flex & elongation and reduces brittleness normally lost in foamed plastics.

    Improves melt flow, strength & dispersion

    Improves cycle time in injection molding

    Increases extrusion output rate

    Provides significant weight/resin reduction

    FDA approved - safe for food contact

pdf Safoam PN-40E Product Data Sheet

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May 18, 2015

Emery: Edenol 1208 Polymeric Plasticizer

Edenol 1208 is a new polymeric plasticizer with the lowest viscosity commercially available (650 – 750 mPas/20°C). Due to its remarkably low viscosity, Edenol 1208 also shows good properties in plastisols processing (dipping and casting applications). This non-phthalic plasticizer based on adipic acid is used for:
    PVC and rubber compounding and processing,Cables ,Tubes,Foils,Profiles,Films, Coil-coating, Cast film
Edenol 1208 exhibits:

    Excellent migration and extraction resistance

    Best performance on transparency and heat stability compared to monomeric plasticizers

    Excellent color stability versus other industry standard polymeric plasticizers

pdf Edenol 1208 Product Data Sheet

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May 18, 2015

Coim: Laripur 8860 Thermoplastic Polyurethane

is a PTMG polyether based TPU with 88A Shore Hardness that exhibits excellent resistance to hydrolysis, abrasion, and microbial attack. Benefits Include:FDA approval for food contact and provides excellent transparency. A UV stabilized version of 8860 is available.

Applications include:
    • Injection molding
    • Extruded hose
    • Cable Profiles Film

pdf Laripur 8860 Product Data Sheet

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