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IMCD to acquire the specialty chemicals business of Bossco Industries Inc and expand its presence in the United States

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands (19th May, 2017) – IMCD N.V. (“IMCD” or “Company”), a leading distributor of speciality chemicals and food ingredients, announces  that it has signed an agreement to acquire the specialty chemicals distribution business of Bossco Industries Inc.

Bossco Industries was established in 1989 and is a distributor of specialty chemicals, supplying products and technical solutions to all major industrial market segments in the southwestern region of the United States. Located in Houston, Texas, Bossco Industries generated a revenue of 11 million USD in 2016.

After completion of the transaction, expected at the beginning of July 2017, the business will be integrated within IMCD US with Edward Boss becoming a senior member of the IMCD management team.

Edward Boss, President of Bossco Industries sees an excellent fit with IMCD adding that, “IMCD shares our vision of offering technical solutions to our customers and a transparent, growth focused partnership with our principal partners.”

John Mastrantoni, President of IMCD US adds, “The acquisition of Bossco Industries will further strengthen IMCD US and our ability to offer national coverage to our principal partners.”

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January 15, 2017

Mallard Creek Polymers Announces Rovene 6521 at World of Concrete 2017 and Surfaces 2017

Mallard Creek Polymers, Inc. (MCP) continues to introduce valuable coating and binder technology for the construction industry by developing new acrylic polymer emulsions and styrene acrylics. The new acrylic polymers are developed to supplement the extensive portfolio of styrene-butadiene latexes the company offers to many building and construction applications. Rovene® 6521 is the latest product that is designed as a multipurpose acrylic grade that can be used in thick film paints or membranes, has cement compatibility to allow adequate open time, and is plasticizer-free. MCP had previously introduced Tylac® 4193, a styrene-butadiene copolymer with very similar performance.  The SBR provides improved adhesion while the acrylic latex has improved UV stability. The open time and workability are essentially equivalent.

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October 22, 2016

Emery Oleochemicals: Launches new bio-based EMEROX® polyols for the C.A.S.E. market

Emery Oleochemicals, a world leading, natural-based chemicals producer and largest oleochemicals manufacturer in North America, is pleased to announce the launch of four new bio-based products for the C.A.S.E. market:

  • EMEROX® 14060 (aliphatic 2,900 MW EG azelate triol),
  • EMEROX® 14511 (aliphatic 1,000 MW EG azelate diol),
  • EMEROX® 14550 (aliphatic 2,000 MW EG azelate diol) and
  • EMEROX® 14555 (aliphatic 2,000 MW EG azelate diol with enhanced hydrophobicity).
These products, which are all compliant with REACH standards, are designed to provide performance in a broad range of applications, often with improved tensile and tear strength, higher elongation, along with oxidative, UV, and moisture and solvent resistance. EMEROX® polyols can also be optimized for coatings, adhesives, and elastomer applications by engineering functionality, hydroxyl reactivity (primary and/or secondary), and polymer hydrophobicity.

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September 10, 2016

Mallard Creek Polymers Announces New All Acrylic Polymer Emulsions and Styrene Butadiene Latex for Coatings

Rovene 6027 is the latest all acrylic emulsion polymers developed as a low VOC workhorse product for multiple paint and coating applications requiring all acrylics. The product exhibits good filler capacity with excellent elongation. Due to the elongation and superior formulation stability, the product can carry high levels of filler. The company continues to develop new styrene-butadiene latex for all emulsion polymers’ markets.

Rovene 4541 was designed for specialty coating applications where very high filler loading is desirable. SBR’s demonstrate outstanding water resistance and binding strength, with limited requirements for co-solvents. Because of the superior binding capability, low cost formulations are easily achieved. Details on these products and others can be obtained from the Technical Data Sheets and in the Coatings Product Selection Guide. Starting point formulations are also available for many barrier and coating applications.

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June 26, 2016

Tyco Fire Protection Products: CHEMGUARD High Performance Fluoro-Emulsion Repellent

Chemguard offers an extensive line of fluoropolymers for use as repellents for textiles, leather coatings, fabrics, carpets, wood, concrete, tile stone, architectural coatings, sealants, caulks, and grout sealers. The key advantages are:
  • Innovative SHORT-CHAIN (C6) chemistry
  • Water Based Chemistry
  • Exceptional Oil, Water, Alcohol and Soil Repellency
  • Good stability on alkaline surfaces (Masonry, grout, concrete)
  • Excellent stability
CHEMGUARD FE-2000 is a weakly cationic, 35% active, short chain fluoro-acrylic emulsion.  FE-2000 is a workhorse fluoropolymer designed for multiple substrates which has excellent vapor permeability.  It is supplied in a concentrate that readily dilutes into distilled or softened water. FE-2000 can also be used as an additive to improve cleanability and washability in water based paints, coatings, sealants, caulks, grout sealers, etc. 

CHEMGUARD FE-2313 is weakly cationic, 30% active, fluoropolymer based on C6 Alkyl-Fluorine chemistry.  
FE-2313 is compatible with numerous crosslinking agents, catalysts, and stain blockers.  The presence of a copolymer improves the efficiency of the fluorocarbons to achieve excellent repellency properties and offer excellent economics.

CHEMGUARD FE-5000 is a weakly cationic, 35% active, fluoro-silane emulsion. FE-5000 is designed for applications on hard surfaces at room temperature where no heat curing is required. It is vapor permeable to reduce cracking on outdoor hard surfaces and has a harder Tg for fabric and leather coatings.

pdf CHEMGUARD FE-2000 Technical Data Sheet
pdf CHEMGUARD FE-2313 Technical Data Sheet
pdf CHEMGUARD FE-5000 Technical Data Sheet

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May 22, 2016

Invotec: Corrosion Inhibiting Pigments

InvoCor CI-3365 is a corrosion inhibitor based on Strontium Zinc Phosphosilicate specifically designed as a corrosion inhibiting pigment for use in protective coatings. Loading levels are typically between 2.5-10% by total formula weight. It is a highly versatile and effective inhibitor; demonstrating excellent corrosion protection and stability in a wide variety of both solvent and water borne formulations. InvoCor CI-3365 is a workhorse product for Invotec and has become an industry standard in DTM coatings.

InvoCor CI-3305 is a new "Strontium and Silicate Free" analog of Invocor CI-3365 based on basic zinc phosphate. InvoCor CI-3305 exhibits lower oil absorption, excellent resin compatibility, and improved performance/efficiency compared to Invotec CI-3365 and other industry standard strontium zinc phosphosilicates.; InvoCor CI-3305 can typically be used at 10-20% lower loading levels. The lower oil absorption and improved efficiency (lower loading) makes InvoCor CI-3305 an excellent choice in high gloss DTM's and high solids formulations.

It is also a choice to consider as a zinc phosphate alternative based on formulation economics. The unique composition of InvoCor CI-3305 also provides for tannin stain blocking properties, especially in resin systems that typically require the use of zinc oxide. InvoCor CI-3305 usually provides improves stain blocking and better stability as opposed to zinc oxide.

Additionally, the chemistry of InvoCor CI-3305 also finds use as a flame retardant and smoke suppressant by improving the char layer formation. Applications can include plastic compounds (wire and cable, nylon connectors, calendared film), wallpaper and adhesives. Suggested resin systems would include PVC, nylon, epoxy, and polyolefins; and it is compatible in both halogenated and non-halogenated systems.

pdf InvoCor CI-3365 Technical Data Sheet
pdf InvoCor CI-3305 Technical Data Sheet

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Invotec: Liquid Corrosion/Flash Rust Inhibitor

InvoCor CI-1020 is a liquid organic corrosion inhibitor for use in water-based coatings. Utilizing alkanolamine chemistry, it has been specifically designed as both a long-term corrosion inhibitor as well as a flash rust inhibitor (including early rust and in-can corrosion). It is nitrite-free and DOES NOT ADVERSLY EFFECT GLOSS.

InvoCor CI-1020 is compatible with a wide variety of resin systems and can usually be incorporated at any stage of manufacture, including post addition. However, as with any corrosion inhibitor, thorough stability testing is suggested.

pdf InvoCor CI-1020 Technical Data Sheet

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Air Products

April 25, 2016

Air Products Adds Surfynol 107L Surfactant, ZetaSperse 3800 Dispersant

Air Products Materials Technologies segment introduces the latest addition to its innovative portfolio of molecular defoamers and dynamic wetting agents - Surfynol 107L, and polymeric dispersant – ZetaSperse 3800.

This new Surfynol 107L surfactant is a liquid, nonionic wetting agent and molecular defoamer based on a proprietary high-performance Gemini chemistry. Surfynol 107L surfactant contains no added alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs), silicones, or fluorosurfactants, and is suitable for low- and zero-VOC formulations. This special chemistry offers a range of surface active performance benefits, is nonfoaming, and will disrupt the foam stabilization properties of other formulation components, providing defect-free defoaming and deaerating benefits. 

ZetaSperse 3800 is a clear liquid broad utility dispersant applicable across all pigment and particle types in resin-free and resin-minimal systems. ZetaSperse 3800 dispersant is an APE-free, solvent free, 40% active water solution of a steric-stabilizing comb polymer that is suitable for zero-VOC formulations.

pdf Surfynol 107L Technical Data Sheet
pdf Zetasperse 3800 Technical Data Sheet

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March 14, 2016

Arkema: High Performance Micronized Amide Wax Rheology Modifiers

CRAYVALLAC® SLT is designed for low temperature manufacturing of moisture curing methoxysilane based coatings, adhesives, & sealants. The performance benefits of this product are:
  • 100% Active
  • Efficient processing temperature range from 40°C to 80°C
  • Reduced production cycle times
  • Imparts shear thinning rheology
  • Very good extrusion properties
  • Excellent sag and slump resistance
  • Minimal effect on modulus
  • Excellent storage stability
CRAYVALLAC® LV is designed for very high solids and solvent-free formulations.  CRAYVALLAC® LV exhibits low temperature activation and can solve stability issues which are often observed with existing products for solvent-free systems.  It is also one of the most efficient, robust rheology modifiers in the Crayvallac line.  The performance benefits of this product are:
  • 100% Active; Highly Efficient
  • Efficient activation at 45-65°C (113 - 149°F)
  • Imparts shear thinning rheology
  • Imparts thixotropic behavior
  • Excellent sag resistance
  • Good anti-settle properties
  • Excellent storage stability
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December 18, 2015

Polymer Additives Group: Charmax® FR APB Flame Retardant and Smoke Suppressor

Charmax FR APB (Ammonium Pentaborate) is a char former/intumescent flame retardant which provides an excellent balance of flame/smoke properties in a wide range of resins and applications.  As an added feature, APB is a flame retardant synergist designed as a lower cost alternative to Antimony Oxide. APB is nearly 100% soluble in water and is compatible in a wide range  of polymers Acrylics, PUDs, Epoxies, Urethanes, TPU, Polyolefins, Foam, Silicone, etc.  Polymer Additives Group is the only domestic manufacturer of Ammonium Pentaborate in the United States and Bossco Industries maintains stock in multiple warehouses throughout the southern US territory.  Charmax APB can also be used in metal treatments and electronics:
  • Corrosion Inhibitor: Protects the ferrous metals against oxidation in many different types of water treatment chemicals.
  • Electrolytic Capacitors:  Used in the preparation of both wet and dry electrolytic capacitors for developing a thin oxide film on aluminum foil when an electric current is applied and inserted into an aluminum container during the final assembly.
pdf Charmax FR APB Product Data Sheet

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December 18, 2015

GEO Specialty Chemicals: DMPA® Polymeric Polyol HA-0135LV2

HA-0135LV2 is a low viscosity, acid functional DMPA® polyester polyol designed to meet the need for high performance materials in environment friendly resin systems. This unique polymeric polyols can be formulated into a variety of VOC compliant coatings with excellent adhesion, impact resistance, chemical resistance and pigment dispersing ability. Benefits include:
  • Contains both acid and hydroxyl functionality
  • Improved adhesion to metal surfaces
  • Increased chemical resistance
  • Increased Hardness
  • Ease of handling at low temperatures/low viscosity
Other Applications include:
  • As a co-resin to improve adhesion, pigment dispersion
  • Esters for UV cure
  • Improves adhesion of baking enamels and 2K urethanes
  • Improves resin compatibility with TBAC in solvent-borne systems
pdf HA-0135LV2 Product Data Sheet
pdf DMPA Polymeric Polyols Product Guide

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July 19, 2015

Chemguard S-764P-14A VOC-Free Anionic Fluorosurfactant

S-764P-14A is a VOC-free, water-based, anionic C6 fluorosurfactant which imparts excellent wetting, spreading, leveling, anti-blocking, and flow control properties on various types of water-based coatings.  In addition to significant reduction in surface tension on multiple substrates, S-764P-14A imparts excellent stain, oil, and water repellency in finished formulations. Benefits include:
  • Provides oil repellency to water-based stains
  • Low Foaming
  • VOC and Chloride-Free
  • Provides low surface tension at low concentrations
  • Excellent for wetting contaminated or difficult to coat surfaces
  • Minimizes surface defects such as cratering and fisheye
pdf Chemguard S-764P-14A Product Data Sheet

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Air ProductsFebruary 24, 2015

Air Products Ancamine 2748 and Ancamine 2749 Curing Agents

Ancamine 2748 is a curing agent designed for use with liquid epoxy resins in the formulation of two component epoxy coatings. This cycloaliphatic amine is designed for use in chemically resistant coatings and cures at both room temperature and elevated temperatures. Performance of this curing agent is expected to improve with post cure or in-situ heat cure. Suggested applications include tank linings for oil and gas (including frac tanks), marine, pipe coatings, waste water, secondary containment, and flooring.

Ancamine 2749 functions similarly to Ancamine 2748, but at a lower viscosity of 275 cps compared to Ancamine 2748’s higher viscosity of 2275 cps. It can be applied in chemically resistant coatings for both metal and concrete and is used in the same applications as Ancamine 2748 listed above.

pdf Ancamine 2748 Product Data Sheet
pdf Ancamine 2748 Product Presentation 
pdf Ancamine 2749 Product Data Sheet
pdf Ancamine 2749 Product Presentation

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