Bossco Industries provides high value functional additives that improve the physical properties and performance of various production processes. Supported by our technical service and application support team...

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Bossco Industries portfolio offers a wide range of resin types including: Epoxy specialty resins, latex emulsion, Polyurethane polymers including PU Dispersions, PE and Polycarbonate Polyols, UV curable resins...

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Bossco Industries offers various functional fillers which are proven performance enhancers such as improved weatherability, tint retention, surface properties, dispersability, chemical resistance, sheen control and in decreasing...

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Bossco Industries distributes an extensive range of chemical products which are used in a variety of industries. Many of these items are currently in stock at locations throughout our 12 state territory.

Bossco Industries has been providing sourcing services to the chemical industry for over 25 years. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how we can become a partner in your supply chain solution.

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